Ike and Jonesys

Ike and Jonesy met in a small Indiana college called DePauw University. Ike, a fraternity man, worked in a bar near the campus where Jonesy, a sorority girl, was a waitress. When last call was given no one ever wanted to leave. So they all congregated at Ike & Jonesy’s secret apartment to fulfill their party needs. Where Libations and good times flourished to sunrise and another school day.

When Ike and Jonesy graduated and said good-bye to college, they took their wedding vows and set out to find fame and fortune. One day as they reminisced about days past they decided to venture into the world they missed and adored so much and decided to open their own drinking and eating establishment.

As the plans for this adventure progressed, Ike and Jonesy found themselves arguing over the name of the establishment at a local Indianapolis bistro. Ike thinking his name to be sufficient, Jonesy thinking her name to be not as ambiguous, they continued to laboriously debate the issue. Until their wise and wondrous waitress proclaimed “Just give it up and call it Ike and Jonesy’s.”

In 1983 Ike and Jonesy’s was born and to this day you hear party revelers proclaim “Meet you at Ike and Jonesy’s, let the good times roll and the cocktails flow.” Ike and Jonesy’s, the fun damn place downtown.